Instead of emphasizing fairness, we promote women’s entrepreneurship
as a way to drive quantifiable growth.

Women entrepreneurs play a largely unrealized economic role in GDP growth and job creation, which undercuts not only innovation, but also the efficiency of the global economy. To improve their visibility and economic impact, Quantum Leaps has crafted a robust portfolio of solutions aimed at developing both the competitive capabilities of women business owners, as well as the performance and transparency of the ecosystem they operate within.

We mesh both top-down and bottom-up approaches into a single focused intervention. Rather than emphasizing fairness, we focus on using women’s entrepreneurship as a means of driving quantifiable and multi-dimensional growth at the sub-regional, national, regional and global levels.

Our President and Co-Founder chairs the Women’s Entrepreneurship Working Group for the Women 20 (W20) of the G20 countries. She is also spearheading Women’s Entrepreneurship Action Alliances on strategic issues that multiple W20 countries want to advance.

In addition to supporting implementation of the W20’s agenda, Quantum Leaps’ Action Agenda is aligned around UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) that foster all aspects of women’s entrepreneurship.


For over three decades, Quantum Leaps’ Co-Founder has catalyzed strategic initiatives and created transformational solutions to fuel women’s enterprise development around the globe. We generate knowledge, provide advocacy training, transform policies, build entrepreneurial capacity, create jobs and grow economies.


Knowledge Development

Knowledge is foundational. We tailor Quantum’s solutions to geographical and cultural contexts, and ensure that our engagement is a multiplier for local, state, national or regional stakeholders across the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Conduct action research to make the business and economic case for women’s enterprise development, and measure progress with a Scorecard
  • Map women entrepreneurial ecosystems to identify strengths, gaps and obstacles, and develop Roadmaps to 2030 aligned with UN Sustainability Development Goals
  • Create tailored policy and program recommendations for cities, countries and regions


Strategically-aligned interventions to national policy structures are a foundation piece for changes of consequence and economic growth.

  • Train women’s business association partners and other stakeholders on advocacy and public policy
  • Promote women’s economic impact with data, a persuasive business case, and evidence-based policy and program recommendations
  • Help partners overcome policymaker resistance



Capacity Building

Interventions enhance the efficiency of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as the capabilities of women operating within it.

  • Train women-owned firms to scale, enter non-traditional sectors, move up the value chain, and become more competitive
  • Facilitate access to markets and access to finance, including fintech and Blockchain
  • Develop Mobile Training solutions
  • Connect national procurement needs with scalable, women-owned firms
  • Promote knowledge sharing and best practices through face-to-face and virtual exchanges, at national, regional and global levels


Our incubation program nurtures strategic initiatives that can either be integrated into Quantum Leaps’ existing framework, or spun off into new organizations.

  • Incubate initiatives that link women entrepreneurs with high-growth opportunities
  • Build networks of global partners to increase women’s participation in such areas as innovation, the green economy, and international trade
  • Launch the FutureForward innovation initiative, a multi-year platform of action-oriented research, thought leadership, knowledge-building forums, partnership development, awareness raising, advocacy and policymaking.