The first wave of the women’s economic empowerment movement focused on alleviating poverty in developing countries.

The next wave of the global women's enterprise movement will focus on accelerating growth in both developing and developed economies by:

  1. Enabling microenterprises to become small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and SMEs to become larger companies
  2. Embracing women’s enterprise development to create jobs and help grow the global economy out of its economic recession, and
  3. Creating Roadmaps to 2020 to identify obstacles, share best practices, and build the global infrastructure needed to accelerate women’s enterprise development around the world.

Driving Change

By collaborating with a network of powerful partners on building capacity as well as access to money and markets for women entrepreneurs Quantum Leaps drives change. Strong research is vital too, as it helps shape evidence-based policymaking that can grow economies and create jobs.

Focused on Women’s Entrepreneurship

The Global Gender Gap Report provides a comprehensive framework for benchmarking global gender gaps in 135 countries, while showcasing nations that are bridging the gaps as well as those that are falling behind.

Making the Economic Case

The United Nations and World Bank Group, as well as academics, policymakers, economists and business leaders increasingly agree that a country’s competitiveness depends on the degree to which it educates girls and women and leverages untapped female talent.