The world possesses many passionate voices and powerful ideas to advance women’s entrepreneurship. A critical factor in achieving transformational change is developing a persuasive business and economic case. When we provide this, much of the world will listen to these passionate voices present their powerful ideas. Our audience is everyone from key decision makers the public and private sectors, to the media, to established and aspiring women entrepreneurs.

When multiple stakeholders across the ecosystem with diverse perspectives and capabilities work together to achieve powerful objectives, we will achieve transformational change.
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Impacting economic growth, competitiveness and the innovation capacity of countries around the world by creating and improving policies that engage their single most underutilized resource – women entrepreneurs.

Driving Change

Quantum Leaps’ President and Co-Founder has been driving change for women entrepreneurs since the mid 1970s, first in the United States, and since 1984 at the global level. Quantum Leaps works with policymakers; entrepreneurial educators; key corporate decision makers; bankers, angel investors and VCs; innovators, incubators and accelerators; the media; and men, especially male champions of change. And of course, women business leaders.

Quantum Leaps is helping to drive this transformation through its chairmanship of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Working Group for the Women20 (W20) – an official engagement group for the Group of 20 (G20) countries.  The W20 has the ear of policymakers within the world’s largest and most influential nations. It forms a “transnational network of women’s organizations, female entrepreneurs’ associations and think tanks” which provides formal recommendations to the leaders of the G20 nations. 


Male Champions of Change are a critically important component of driving transformation. Men with daughters – including many men who have only daughters – have been strong supporters of women’s entrepreneurship, and must be part of the solution.